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For the video above, a gifted YouTube aficionado put together two different things: (1) Kellyanne Conway’s infamous “Meet the Press” interview in which she made her preposterous statement about “alternative facts,” and (2) a tape showing CNN’s Anderson Cooper laughing uncontrollably. The combination is sublime.

Of course, this is SATIRE, not a video of a real event. But it suggests the kind of incredulous ridicule with which we all ought to be greeting everything coming out of this morally, ethically, and legally bankrupt White House.

This is a hilarious video. A Dutch TV personality, Arjen Lubach, after watching Trump’s inaugural address, heavily laden with “America First” rhetoric, released the video, urging Trump to put “the Netherlands second.” The man doing the Trump impression is Dutch-American comedian Greg Shapiro. You must watch.

After The Netherlands video got such a huge viewing and such rave reviews, other nations began to get into the act, including Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, and Portugal. (Go here to see all those videos.) In my opinion, Switzerland’s is the best of these follow-ups.  Here it is:



This clip is from “Saturday Night Live.”  The TV program’s Trump skits are so good that I’ve devoted a whole page to them here. But this particular clip is different from their usual ones, featuring Alec Baldwin as Trump.

What Kate McKinnon is doing at SNL with her impersonation of the horrid Kellyanne Conway is just superb. Conway has emerged as one of the most despicable figures in the Trump camp. Ridiculing her is important. She is Trump’s Joseph Goebbels. Absolutely despicable. This skit — one of many to come, I hope — is sublime derision.