‘The Power of Disruption’

Charles Blow, columnist for the New York Times, has earned a reputation as one of Trump’s most cogent, scorching critics. In this excellent op-ed, he applauds the emerging “resistance” movement against Trump. Excerpt:

“Donald Trump is a vulgar, uninformed, anti-intellectual, extremely unpopular grifter helming a family of grifters who apparently intend to milk their moment on the mount for every red cent. …

“This administration is already manifesting as the disaster we knew it would be; the stench of its rot surrounds us. What is there to wait and see? A rose will never bloom from a weed; you must snatch that thing up at first sight, by the root. …

“That is why you are seeing so much grass-roots resistance from a multiplying array of groups. …

“Trump is not normal. He is not competent. And we will not simply sit back and suck it up.”

Read Blow’s full column here.

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