‘Carpe Diem’

Here is the fourth in Austin Diaz’s new series of satiric translations of Horace’s Odes.

Diaz says this poem is one of the most beautiful, with some of the best Latin that’s been passed down to us. It contains one of the more widely known Latin phrases, “carpe diem.” Not sure that it should be defiled at all, he decided to put it in Trump’s vernacular, while closely  following the original meter, to which English is not suited. “Then again,” he says, “Trump’s language isn’t suitable for anything.”
A more traditional translation is here.


            Because the president has a sense of humor…right?

No, don’t ask, who can know—well, if someone knew it’d be me, okay?—
how often we will spend patriotic days of devotion here,
you and me, my little Milošević, and ignore polls, fake news—
well, yeah, unless, of course, I’m still ahead, those ratings, by the way,
did you see? So low, poor aging Arnold, can’t even pronounce you’re—
But now drink! Myself, I’m fine. Is it good? Good. It was very, very
expensive, but I’m real, really so rich, it’s nothing. So rich,
which means I can simply grab the…say it with me one more
time! Who cares if the Christians listen in? Did ya hear? I’m holy.

See here for the collection of all translations so far.

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