White House Flacks Won’t Appear on CNN: Viewers Safe from Nonsense

Today, Trump’s White House announced that it is shutting out a major cable news outlet, meaning that it won’t put White House officials like Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway on the network that Trump has alleged puts out “fake news.”

Earlier today, Jack Moore had argued in a piece in GQ that CNN should stop having Conway and Spicer on the network. He quoted Jay Rosen, a journalism professor at NYU, who had made the same argument, saying that:

[I]t’s not just lying or spin or somebody who is skilled in the political arts of putting the best case on things or not answering a question, which is a pretty basic method of doing politics. It’s that when you are done listening to Kellyanne Conway, you probably understand less. That’s a problem.

I would have preferred that the severing of the connection between CNN and the White House, if it had to occur, had come from CNN rather than from the WH. This raises alarm bells about Trump’s march toward autocracy.

Still, there’s a plus here: Although neither Conway nor Spicer has appeared on CNN lately, viewers have tuned in without knowing whether they might encounter one of those horrific, lying sacks of sh*t there. No more!  Now, if only CNN will get rid of Jeffrey Lord and Kayleigh McEnany, we’ll be even safer.


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