‘Republicans Must Save This Presidency. Now.’

Jonathan Bernstein writes at Bloomberg that

[N]o president has ever been this unpopular this early in his term, and it’s not close.

What is supposed to happen in these situations, when the White House is flailing, is for senior members of the party to step in and make sure the president gets his act together. That’s what happened after the Iran-Contra affair, when Senator Howard Baker was brought in as Ronald Reagan’s chief of staff. It’s basically what happened after Bill Clinton’s poorly organized first year and a half, when Leon Panetta took on the same job. That pressure doesn’t always have to be applied publicly; after all, it’s in the interest of all Republicans to have a functional administration. Or if it’s public, it’s indirect, with names (Mitch Daniels? Rob Portman?) suddenly starting to be mentioned by loyal partisans.

Republicans have plenty of leverage here. If necessary, U.S. senators could threaten to stop confirming Trump’s cabinet; Republican members of both houses of Congress could threaten to hold hearings on any number of Trump scandals. They could even threaten to force him to turn over his tax returns.

And all they would be asking for — should be asking for — is for Trump to allow a real manager who knows how the government works to step in and help him, and to get rid of some of the people who are harming his presidency.

Read Bernstein’s full piece here.

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