‘A Welcome Setback for Donald Trump’

John Cassidy, writing in the current New Yorker magazine, describes the outbreak of protests against Trump’s refugee/immigrant ban as well as growing pushback from Republican officeholders and corporate leaders. He says:

This is only a first step in resisting Trump, and nobody should underestimate the challenge ahead. We are dealing with a dangerous singularity—a President who openly acknowledges that he is at war with the press, who endorses torture, who accuses senators who dare to criticize his policies of “looking to start World War III,” and who is surrounded by courtiers and advisers who think the United States and other Judeo-Christian countries are engaged in a fight to the death with Islam. 

There is no telling how long and bitter the fight to rein in Trump, and save America’s conception of itself, might be. But the true patriots have raised their colors, and they won’t be lowered without a mighty struggle.

(Read Cassidy’s full piece here.)

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