Ka-ching! Trump Cashes In

Ka-ching. Donald Trump is wasting no time in cashing-in on his presidency.  As Hunter writes in this piece at DailyKos.

“He’s also closed plenty of deals between November and now, and now comes word that many more buildings with his overly plump name on them will just coincidentally be coming to cities near you during his presidency.  . . .

“Trump’s current properties are also unapologetically profiting off his new White House position. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, newly advertised by Trump as his ‘Winter White House’ and expected to be a regular destination for Trump and staff, has now doubled their member initiation fee to $200,000. Why? Because now members will be able to regularly gain the ear of a sitting president, and to individuals with a lot of cash and issues that they might want their president to know about, that’s a price well worth paying. Trump hasn’t divested from Mar-a-Lago either—he’s merely put his ownership in a ‘trust,’ which will revert back to him in four years, meaning the new membership fees will go, in part, to him.

Read the full piece here.

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