Trump Team Plants Lackeys at CIA Speech

Who can doubt this? This is what we’ve come to expect of Trump and his team. Pathetic. Never mind that Trump failed to pay adequate homage to the CIA’s fallen heroes before moving on to his personal boasting. But he brought along a phalanx of staffers to cheer and clap. Disgusting.

Matthew Rozsa reports at Salon:

“Donald Trump’s speech at CIA headquarters may have irked the intelligence community, but it seemed that some people there who were enjoying it. Yet those people may have been planted by the Trump administration.

“Multiple government sources told CBS News on Monday that Trump’s speech “made relations with the intelligence community worse” and described the overall feeling after Trump’s visit as “uncomfortable.” Others told the network that Trump had filled the first three rows of his event with political supporters who cheered for him as he talked, creating the illusion of broad support for Trump within the CIA. They noted that the CIA’s senior leadership, which was also seated in the first few rows near President Trump, did not cheer at his remarks.”

(Read the whole piece here.)

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