Trump Complicates GOP Plans on Health Care

As we know, the scope of Trump’s policy ignorance is staggering. He can’t speak one paragraph of intelligent thought about any policy area. And health policy is among the most complex of all. Republican legislators are paralyzed in the face of trying to replace the Affordable Care Act with something workable.

Now, along comes Trump. Over the weekend, he told the Washington Post that “he is nearing completion of a plan to replace President Obama’s signature health-care law with the goal of ‘insurance for everybody.'”

As Paul Waldman writes in this article:

“Accomplishing repeal without causing the GOP a political calamity is an extremely delicate enterprise, and the last thing they want is to have him popping off at the mouth and promising things they can’t deliver.
. . .
“Donald Trump just emphatically promised universal health coverage. That’s an absolutely gigantic promise, and it’s one that Republicans have no intention of keeping.

“But now they’re stuck with it. Democrats will be saying, ‘President Trump promised that everyone would be covered!’ every day for as long as this debate goes on. Every time a congressional Republican is interviewed on this topic, they’ll be asked, ‘President Trump said that everyone would be covered. Does your plan do that?,’ and they’ll have to bob and weave as they try to avoid admitting the truth.
. . .
“Trump says whatever comes into his head, and whatever seems like it might be popular. People hate out-of-pocket costs, so he promises low deductibles. People don’t like the idea of tens of millions losing their coverage, so he promises that everyone will be covered.

“And now, congressional Republicans are going to have to answer for breaking a promise they didn’t even make.”

Because he just can’t help himself from spouting off about the zillions of topics on which he is an ignoramus, Trump will be causing constant problems for congressional Republicans. (Read Waldman’s full piece here.)

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