Trump is Headed Toward Ethics Train Wreck

I’m generally no fan of Jennifer Rubin, but her piece in today’s Washington Post is spot on.

Trump and his team don’t seem to understand that he is opening himself up to bribery charges, which can be pursued under the law against a sitting president.


“Bribery prosecutions can proceed under federal law, and Congress through its impeachment power is the ultimate enforcer of the emoluments clause.

“Ironically, for someone who ran on changing the way Washington does business, Trump has distinguished himself as the sole example of a president unprepared to comply with bipartisan ethical norms and the text of the Constitution. The question for Republicans is now whether they want to collaborate in an egregious violation of the Constitution and in an arrangement that will inevitably call into question virtually every regulatory action, policy decision and personnel pick the administration makes. (Any senator with judicial aspirations should register complaints loudly and clearly; consent to an unconstitutional arrangement should be a disqualifier for any future judicial post.)”

Read Rubin’s piece here.

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