DC Has ‘Panicked Air of a B-horror Movie’

Maureen Dowd describes the current mood in Washington, DC:

“No one knows what is going to happen, but they know it will be utter chaos and that the old familiar ways have vaporized.

“On the verge of the inauguration, a time of stately ritual and tradition in a city baked in ritual and tradition, ritual and tradition are out the window. Donald Trump is operating on an utterly new, unique and freaky frequency.

“Closed-door confabs in mahogany and marble rooms with brass spittoons have been replaced with Trump heckling, pouting, demanding and sharing his innermost thoughts on Twitter. The city has the panicked air of a B-horror movie where the townsfolk stand stock still, bug-eyed and frozen, too frightened to flee, waiting for the creature.

“Everything is turned inside out into sauerkraut. Democrats are appalled that Trump is challenging the C.I.A., the same agency that got W.M.D.s wrong. Republicans are cuddling up to Russia. Mitch McConnell says the American people will not tolerate the Democrats’ holding up a Supreme Court nominee. WikiLeaks is protesting leaks. Trump and Sean Hannity suddenly love Julian Assange.”

Read her full column here.

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