“Drain the Swamp” = Get Rid of the Smart People

“For many Trump supporters,” writes Conor Lynch at Salon, “the wealthiest cabinet ever is no problem — as long as he gets rid of the smart people.”

“Trump’s populism has always been more anti-intellectual than anti-elitist. (Of course many Americans perceive intellectuals and academics as the ultimate elites, even though they have little political or economic power.) Trump is loud, obnoxious, unlettered and uninformed. Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t read books. At the same time, he is proud, supremely confident, practical and enormously wealthy. Trump may be an economic elite, but he sure as hell ain’t no egghead.

“Is it any surprise, then, that he has become the anti-intellectual Moses of the 21st century?”

Read the whole piece here.

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