‘Trump is Unfit for Office’

As you’ve read by now, Trump told reporters Saturday evening that he “knows a lot about hacking.” Hold your laughter. Never mind that we’re used to this sort of egotistical bombast. He always believes he knows more than other people about everything, even when there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary. In this case, what’s especially laughable about Trump’s assertion is that he doesn’t even know how to operate a computer or use email.

What makes this petty, insecure man assert knowledge about things he’s ignorant of? This is just one manifestation of his deep-seated psychological problems.

Here’s a powerful essay about the dangers of Trump’s embrace of his own ignorance and his aversion to evidence. It’s well worth reading.

An excerpt:

“Are we really going to sally forth, on this January 1st, 2017, continuing to simply ignore the rather plain reality that the man who is about to be sitting in the Oval Office is manifestly unfit for the task of governance? As in, he literally, cognitively cannot do it—that it is going to be akin to asking a Magic 8-Ball or a particularly ill-trained chicken to set national policies, and make the decisions of war or peace, and meet with foreign leaders, and give presidential proclamations?”

Read the article in full here.

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