‘It Is Your Duty to Laugh at Trump’

Here is an excellent essay by Bob Crilly for CNN, arguing that it is our duty to mock Trump.
Here’s an excerpt, but you owe it to yourself to read it in full.
“Trump is vulnerable to mockery. Humor is Kryptonite to his thin-skinned existence.
He is utterly impervious to the usual weapons of politics. Try to wound him with shame or embarrass him with public scrutiny and you may as well try to sink a duck by pouring a jug of H2O over its rear end.

But we all know the size of his hands. Graydon Carter’s long-running feud with the “short-fingered vulgarian”, as he so pithily put it, recently resurfaced in the pages of Vanity Fair, where a waiter at the Trump Grill was quoted discussing the size of his bosses’ digits.

Inevitably, the orange-haired bloviator responded with a humorless tirade on Twitter.
Trump’s sensitivity is easily understood when you realize he is on a desperate quest to be taken seriously. Just remember the face he pulled when he sat beside Barack Obama in the Oval Office on that Thursday after an election.

it was the sort of face a three-year-old exhibits when they really, really want you know they are concentrating. Or when they are trying to squeeze out a number two.
. . .
Forget the people who tell you Trump is too bad for laughter, too dangerous for mirth — that it ignores the real danger he poses to minorities or world peace.
The truth is that Trump has built his brand in cartoonish fashion. The strange hair, the catchphrases and made-for-TV life make him a character in his own life story. He is his own caricature.
Responding to that with ridicule is not un-American. It is not demeaning to the office of the President — for there is only one person in all of this who is demeaning the office of the President. It is not flippant, as humorless New York liberals tell me.
Humor — of the generous, belly-rumbling sort — is something to unite around as a symbol of resistance.
It is not a sign that you have given up, that you are complacent or one of the winners. When you remember that all Trump craves is to be taken seriously, it turns out that laughing is your duty.”

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