Chaos is Likely to be Defining Trait of Trump White House

Jennifer Rubin, a conservative blogger for the Washington Post, who was widely derided four years ago as a “shill” for Mitt Romney, has morphed into one of the harshest critics of the current leader of the Republican party, Donald Trump. For example, in a scathing piece in October, she described Trump as “evil incarnate.”

Today, she has a terrific piece in the Post arguing that chaos is likely to be the defining trait of Trump’s White House.  Read the whole thing, but here’s how it starts, to give you a taste:

“In every presidential administration to date we have never seen:

  • A president lacking any semblance of impulse control — and who had 24/7 access to social media.
  • A president who has no governing experience, along with so many advisers (e.g. Stephen K. Bannon, Reince Priebus, Jason Miller, Steve Mnuchin, Kellyanne Conway) who have never served in government, let alone in the White House.
  • A president unversed in most critical policy arenas.
  • A president whose campaign strategy depended so heavily on lies (about himself, the world, his opponents) and who is prone to accept conspiracy theories, urban myths and unsubstantiated rumors.
  • A president who does not read.
  • A president wedded to a chaotic management style in which rivalries among competing groups are deliberately cultivated.
  • A president who retains a mammoth international business that creates conflicts in thousands of ways and that could funnel money from foreign governments into his pocket (in direct violation of the Constitution).
  • A president who, in defiance of nepotism rules, puts some of his children in the inner circle of advisers.

In the Trump administration we will have all of these.”

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