‘Unpresidented’: That’s Me

When the Ignoramus-elect misspelled “unprecedented” as “unpresidented” the other day in a tweet about China’s seizure of an American underwater drone, I thought his error was perfect because it coined a new word that captures precisely the way I feel: as of January 20, 2017, I will be unpresidented — without a president.  I refuse to recognize this dangerous demagogue as my president.

I love the fact that Trump, “the Twitterer in Chief,” is coming under such withering criticism from all quarters for his loose, reckless use of Twitter.  And I like that Chinese state media and ordinary Chinese citizens are mocking Trump for his stupid tweet.  I wonder how long it will take Trump to decide that his use of Twitter, which he views as an ingenious circumvention of traditional media, is doing him more harm than good.

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