Troll-in-Chief Fails Again

Reckless as they are, Donald Trump’s tweets may not go away anytime soon.  That would be bad for transparency (avoiding the press corps), bad for stability (piss off China, anyone?), and bad in countless other ways. But it would be great for comedians and great for all of us who love to see the Troll-in-Chief stumble over his own tiny, twittering thumbs. (Let’s pause for one moment to recall “unpresidented.”  Sublime.)

Case in point: Recently, Trump took to Twitter to flail away at Vanity Fair magazine after it published a wonderfully scathing review of a restaurant in one of Trump’s hotels. The review by VF reviewer Tina Nguyen said that the flagship restaurant in Trump Tower could well be “the worst restaurant in America.”  In an only-vaguely-camouflaged reference to Trump himself, Nguyen wrote that her appetizer was a plate of “flaccid, gray Szechuan dumplings.” In retaliation, the Petty Troll tweeted:

Contrary to what Trump would like us to believe, Graydon Carter, VF’s editor-in-chief, is no dummy. Before Trump’s servants had a chance to buff the gold leaf on his favorite chair, Carter’s VF had gone to Facebook, offering an annual subscription (print and digital editions) for a mere $5.  Tens of thousands of people (including me) subscribed, as a way of sticking their thumbs in the Trumpster’s beady little eyes.

Jim Rutenberg, who reports for the New York Times about the country’s shifting media landscape, had a wonderful piece this morning, taking full note of the Vanity Fair episode and concluding, “As Mr. Trump tries to burn the media village down, he may just be saving it.”  It’s an article worth reading in its entirety.

Poor Trump. He tweets. But his tweets are like lighted farts that blow up on his own dimpled ass.

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